Life Skills Therapy

It is no secret that having a substance use disorder causes significant damage to one’s physical, mental, and social lives, especially the longer that it continues. The regular aspects of one’s everyday life, such as eating and exercising, can quickly fall to the wayside and be entirely forgotten about, as one’s substance use disorder grows stronger.

Rather than doing things that encourage a healthy lifestyle, individuals place all of their focus on things such as obtaining and using their substance of choice. As a result, an individual might not even think about anything else but their use and lose all desire and ability to care for themselves properly.

When this occurs, it is not only a sign that an individual should obtain professional treatment for their substance use disorder, but it is also a sign that he or she could benefit greatly from life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida.

What Is Life Skills Addiction Therapy?

Life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida is an evidence-based form of therapy that helps those who have been struggling with substance use disorders to regain their sense of what is involved in living a healthy life. It is extremely common for individuals who are fresh into recovery to have completely forgotten how to care for themselves, their home, or others in their families. Some individuals are still very young when getting into recovery (such as adolescents and young adults), and they need a guiding hand to help them learn how to live in a manner that not only supports their recovery but also allows them to be successful in their lives.

Led by licensed therapists, life skills therapy can be offered across all types of addiction treatment programs, ranging from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment. Because the need for re-learning, refreshing, and re-applying basic life skills to their everyday lives is essential, many of recovering users turn to an Orlando Florida life skills addiction therapy program to help set them back on the straight and narrow.

What Skills Are Taught In Life Skills Addiction Therapy In Orland Florida?

An Orlando Florida life skills addiction therapy program will cover several different areas of basic life skills. By the time that therapeutic approach is complete, those who participated in it should feel comfortable and confident moving forward independently in their lives.

Depending on the needs of the clients, life skills therapy can provide countless different skills deemed necessary to help encourage a life of recovery. Consider the following:

  • Healthy eating skills – It is very common for those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to eat poorly. This often occurs because in general, they are not caring for their body properly. As a result, some individuals can suffer malnutrition or obesity. Life skills in Orlando, FL will teach individuals the importance of eating healthy and how doing so will continue to promote their recovery.
  • Job hunting skills – In the event that an individual does not already have a job, life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida can help him or her learn how to do things such as finding job listings, writing resumes and covers letters, and how to conduct him or herself during interviews.
  • Budgeting skills – Learning how to manage money, in general, can be difficult, however when an individual has been trapped in the throes of addiction for a period of time, figuring out how to handle money can be even more difficult. An Orlando Florida life skills addiction therapy program can show individuals how to create a spending plan, a savings plan, and how to do things such as open up a bank account.
  • Relationship skills – When addiction is present, one of the first things to go is an individual’s ability to uphold relationships with others. This is likely due to poor social skills, which is why life skills therapy will focus on providing individuals with appropriate social skills and expectations.

Additional skills learned in life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida include cooking, cleaning, exercising, and house hunting.

Benefits of Our Orlando Florida Life Skills Addiction Therapy Program

Going from addiction to recovery is not an easy process. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from pure happiness to periods of sadness. There are several moving parts that are involved in one’s recovery, including emotional challenges, behavioral progress, spiritual development, and more. A life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida might only be one small aspect of one’s overall treatment plan, however, the benefits it produces are priceless. Consider the following:

  • Improves physical wellbeing – Addiction does not only impact one’s mind, but it can significantly affect one’s physical health. However, an Orlando Florida life skills addiction therapy program can help individuals implement healthy diets and exercises into their daily lives in an effort to promote strong physical health. Feeling good physically can help encourage positive mental health, too.
  • Encourages financial security – Gaining life skills surrounding budgeting and finding a job are designed to set individuals up for success. Many individuals who go to treatment find that they are in financial distress due to their substance use disorder, so establishing ways to make money again and save it is highly beneficial.
  • Implements strong social skills – When an individual leaves treatment, he or she can utilize his or her life skills therapy to improve upon relationships with his or her loved ones. This might include better communication, stronger understanding of others, and improved listening skills.

Life skills therapy has the potential to help an individual completely change his or her life for the better, as well as prolong his or her recovery.

Get Professional Help At Our Life Skills Addiction Therapy Program In Orlando Florida

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, reach out right now to get the help that you deserve. Regardless of what you think might be holding you back from getting treatment, there is no better time to get help than the present.

Do not wait any longer. Each day that passes brings you closer and closer to permanent consequences, including death.

We can help you overcome your challenges and struggles with substance abuse through our life skills addiction therapy in Orland Florida. Call us right now so we can help you.