Individual Therapy

Millions of people are currently struggling with a substance use disorder throughout the United States. These people include everyone ranging from a homeless person to a high-powered CEO. Each one of these individuals has their own history as to why their addiction developed, as well as what has happened in their lives since their addiction began. And while there are definitely commonalities between all substance abusers, each individual person has his or her own experiences, emotions, and behaviors related to their substance use disorder.

Many individuals lose themselves in their addiction, meaning that they might not even know who they are anymore. This sad reality is often why addictions continue because thinking about this loss can be too much to bear. These same individuals might not want to accept professional treatment, because everything that they have been working so hard to numb will come to the surface and need to be managed. The idea of putting down drugs and/or alcohol (their primary way of coping) can be utterly frightening, however, it is necessary.

Because addiction causes these major, serious consequences to one’s character and personality, it is important that the right care is obtained in order to get through the challenges. Individual addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida can do just that.

What Is Individual Addiction Therapy In Orlando, Florida?

An individual addiction therapy program is a form of psychotherapy aimed at helping treat the many personal issues that someone in recovery may be facing. Sessions occur privately and between the client and a therapist, and are designed to help the client feel safe and secure.

When part of a treatment program, clients will participate in individual therapy for the duration of their involvement. Some of these clients will go on to continue to receive individual therapy after treatment, while some will not. Either way, individual addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida has proven to be one of the most beneficial therapies for treating addiction.

The overarching goal of an individual addiction therapy program is to uncover the underlying issues of the client’s addiction, as well as to bring them to the surface and then effectively cope with them. This can be a big process, especially because most people have several different issues that have impacted who they are. However, the therapist will continually work with the client to help address these issues through the use of traditional psychotherapy, as well as other therapeutic modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Benefits of An Individual Addiction Therapy Program

Attending individual addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida might seem overwhelming and potentially even unnecessary to someone who is just beginning his or her care. It might even take a few sessions for the client to feel comfortable sharing anything valuable. Learning how to open up to someone after spending a period of time hiding one’s feelings can be challenging, too. However, by sticking to these sessions, clients can stand to obtain several different benefits.

  • Letting go

Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is undoubtedly harboring several different emotions regarding events and experiences that have impacted them negatively. The greatest benefit for the client is that the therapist with whom they are speaking has no knowledge of his or her background, nor does he or she have any judgments regarding that background. As a result, clients become more inclined to open up and finally let go of some of the things that they have been holding onto for far too long, which can be a weight off of their shoulders and a breath of fresh air.

  • Understanding the addiction

It might seem strange, but several people who participate in individual therapy are enlightened as to how and why their addictions developed. By talking with a therapist, the client can start to have “light bulb moments” where his or her journey thus far begins to make much more sense. Understanding one’s addiction and how it has shaped their behaviors and experiences is highly beneficial because it can enlighten them on how to move forward in a more positive direction.

  • Establishing new skills

Once the therapist begins to understand the client’s history better, he or she can help the client start developing new skills that protect his or her sobriety and recovery. For example, the therapist might utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help the client identify his or her negative patterns of behavior and thinking so that he or she can modify them. Or, the therapist might work to help the client establish ways to cope with big emotions so that his or her risk of relapse is minimized.

The therapist-client relationship can become one filled with trust and respect, which helps encourage continued growth for the client. Through that growth, these benefits can help shape the client in ways that allow them to keep themselves on a path of recovery, rather than falling back into a dangerous cycle of substance abuse

  • Developing self-confidence

As a client continues to obtain individual therapy, he or she will begin processing out several of the things that have held them back, and begin finding new ways to function without depending on substance abuse. As this process continues, clients can start to get in touch with their self-worth, which can help increase their self-confidence. Both of these are essential in being able to maintain recovery as well as have the motivation to do so.

Get The Help You Deserve At JourneyPure’s Individual Addiction Therapy In Orlando

Continuing to live with a substance use disorder can lead to several negative health consequences, one of which might include overdose, which can be fatal. However, making the effort to reach out and get help can prevent these effects from occurring. Part of that help can include an individual addiction therapy program, as well as other forms of therapeutic care.

Of course, entering into a treatment program can be overwhelming and potentially even scary. And, the thought of sharing your story with someone you don’t even know can be intimidating. But, individual addiction therapy in Orlando can help you in ways that you might have never thought possible.

Do not wait any longer to get the help that you deserve. Get help today through our individual addiction therapy in Orlando, FL.