Holistic Treatment

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol is physically and mentally draining. Not only is one’s body being negatively impacted due to the presence of addictive substances, but one’s mind is also struggling to function appropriately.

Not only that, but as the addiction continues, an individual can experience an increase in social conflicts amongst friends, family, and even co-workers. And when everything seems like it is beginning to fall apart, someone stuck in the dangerous cycle of substance use disorder can lose his or her spirit.

While it is important to treat the physical, mental, and behavioral issues related to substance use disorders, it is also critical to help provide healing for the spirit. One of the ways in which addiction treatment centers throughout the United States provide this type of healing for individuals in treatment is through holistic treatment.

Holistic addiction treatment in Orlando, Florida is a type of care that provides several different natural treatments geared towards helping improve upon one’s spirit, as well as their physical, mental, and emotional health. This specific type of treatment is most effective when it is utilized as a supplement to evidence-based addiction treatment programs.

Types of Holistic Addiction Treatment In Orlando, Florida

There are several kinds of holistic treatments that can enhance an individual’s treatment experience. Consider the following:

  • Yoga

In general, yoga has served as a highly popular holistic treatment for people from all walks of life. Not only is it used in holistic addiction treatment in Orlando, Florida, but it is also utilized by people throughout the world.

When incorporated into a comprehensive program, yoga can help an individual center himself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The actual act of doing yoga poses and movement and applying meditation and mindfulness to that act can be extremely healing. For example, those in addiction recovery benefit from yoga because it relieves stress, improves sleep, decreases fatigue, offers emotional healing, and helps improve self-confidence and awareness.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture, a Chinese healing approach that has been utilized for centuries, is done by inserting thin needles into certain parts of the body to help individuals heal physically and mentally. For example, acupuncture can target areas of the body including the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems. This is especially intriguing for those recovering from addiction, as this can help minimize withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and help balance out the body as it works to normalize itself.

  • Natural Medications

Those who are utilizing a holistic addiction treatment program may choose to include natural medications in their care. While there are other options to help manage symptoms of withdrawal and other physical and psychological effects that may occur during the initial phases of recovery, such as medication-assisted treatment, some choose to adopt a different route. Using natural medications to help ease some of the complexities of sobering up for good can be extremely beneficial.

For example, someone who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long period of time might find that when they stop, they develop sleeping problems. Many of those individuals battle insomnia in the beginning stages of their recovery. Holistic addiction treatment in Orlando might provide melatonin to help them get some sleep, as opposed to prescribing Ambien or other tranquilizers with abuse potential.

  • Art Therapy

It can be complicated for an individual in recovery to fully express his or her emotions through words. A holistic addiction treatment program can help with this common issue by offering another form of communication – art therapy.

For years, art therapy has been utilized in treatment centers because of the many benefits it offers individuals. One of these benefits is getting individuals to open up more about what they have experienced in the past. So, for instance, an individual can draw or paint a picture based on how he or she is feeling about something specific. The art therapist can then utilize the picture as a means of starting a conversation that will eventually lead to insight, understanding, and acceptance for the individual.

Benefits of An Orlando, FL Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

Different forms of holistic therapy produce different types of benefits, such as those discussed above. However, participating in a holistic addiction treatment in Orlando can produce a number of general benefits that can drastically improve one’s overall well-being. These benefits can include the following:

  • Good health – A holistic addiction treatment program promotes good mental and physical health. Someone who has participated in this type of therapy will learn what kinds of things can help maintain their physical wellbeings, such as good diet and exercise. Additionally, individuals will benefit from learning how to utilize activities such as yoga and acupuncture to help their psychological well-being.
  • Self-awareness – The entire foundation that holistic treatment is based on is centered on self-awareness. An Orlando holistic addiction treatment program can help individuals understand their emotional and behavioral responses, develop ways to promote peace within themselves and utilize natural ways to care for themselves. Through each one of these actions, individuals become more aware of themselves in several positive ways.
  • Spirituality – Participating in a holistic addiction treatment in Orlando, Florida helps tap into an individual’s spiritual side. As he or she gets to know him or herself more, he or she can also begin to accept a sense of spirituality that they are comfortable with. This spirituality can help promote hopefulness, faith, and promise for the future, as well as comfort in the present moment.

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