Group Therapy

When an individual finally makes the decision to get help for his or her substance use disorder, he or she will be exposed to a multitude of therapies that are designed to help encourage positive change, healthy wellbeing, and the cessation of substance abuse for good. While there are countless kinds of therapy that individuals may partake in, such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, experiential therapy, and more, there are some therapies that serve as the foundation of one’s recovery. Group addiction therapy in Orlando Florida is one of those therapies.

What Is Group Addiction Therapy?

Someone who is participating in group addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida will do so in the company of a therapist and others who are recovering from addictions to substances like opioids, cocaine, or meth, to name a few. With a goal to help each individual understand his or her addiction more clearly, group therapy works to guide participants towards utilizing one another in an effort to grow, heal, and recover together.

The disease of addiction is highly isolating, and it is common for those who are using to stay away from social interactions with others. As a result, it can be easy to only trust oneself or think that no one will help them get sober but themselves. And while there is a small bit of truth to that last part, studies have shown that through group therapy, individuals have been able to sustain longer recoveries and healthy lives because of the work they did/continue to do with others.

Types of Group Addiction Therapy Programs

Luckily, those who are receiving group addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida for their substance use disorders are not only able to go through this process with others who can relate, but they are also privy to participating in several different kinds of group therapy. Below are the five group therapy models deemed effective by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association (SAMHSA):

  • Psychoeducational group therapy

Psychoeducational groups are based on teaching individuals about their substance use disorders and mental health conditions and how they can move forward and manage them appropriately. During each psychoeducational group therapy session, a therapist will serve as the lead and guide individuals through topics pertaining to things such as anxiety, triggers, depression, stress, trust issues, relationships, stress, etc.

  • Skills development group therapy

One of the most important aspects of group addiction therapy program is learning about and applying skills that will encourage long-term recovery. Through this specific type of group therapy, individuals will sort out negative behaviors and coping mechanisms and replace them with positive ones. They will work to identify the causes of their issues and develop ways in which they can prevent relapse in the future. Throughout these groups, individuals can develop ways to manage stress, cope with cravings, avoid peer pressure, communicate clearly with others, and maintain good self-care.

  • Cognitive behavioral groups

Cognitive behavioral therapy groups help all involved to recognize the behaviors and thought processes that have contributed to (and still contribute to) their substance use disorder. Since many individuals experience similar behaviors and thoughts when addicted to drugs, this form of group addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida can be a great way to open up to others in the group. By the time individuals have completed this form of therapy, they are hopefully able to identify the negative behaviors they are experiencing and adopt ones that keep them solidified in their recovery.

  • Interpersonal groups

It is not surprising to hear that someone who has been struggling with substance use disorder is currently having some increased conflict with loved ones. Interpersonal group addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida strives to help individuals establish skills by focusing on areas of such as role disputes, role transitions, interpersonal deficits, and unresolved grief.

  • Support groups

Included in one’s Orlando, Florida group addiction therapy program are several different common support groups that help individuals heal on their own with the help of the others. For example, groups like Alcoholics and/or Narcotic Anonymous (which can be held at the facility) are the primary source of support from people all throughout one’s local co

Benefits of Group Therapy In Orlando, Florida

The possibilities in regards to group therapy benefits are endless, as with the support of others, individuals can continue to achieve the advantages of their recovery.

One of the most important benefits of group addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida comes from being in the presence of others who understand what it is like to suffer. Individuals can, however extremely difficult, stop using on their own. Studies show that those who received this group therapy drew off the strength of others within the group.

It is also imperative to utilize group addiction therapy program to help encourage positive communication. The more that patients interact with one another, the more likely they will be to begin talking amongst themselves about their substance use disorder. In addition, individuals will also learn new ways of discussing their feelings so that they can start communicating better.

Being involved in group addiction therapy in Orlando, FL can help individuals obtain strong insights from other group members that he or she listens to, which can be applied to their own lives. They can also share their own insights in an effort to heal and encourage others to continue healing, as well.

One last benefit that is invaluable during addiction recovery is this that being involved in group addiction therapy sessions can provide all individuals with a sense of accountability to both themselves and those in the group. Simply having a group therapy session to go to can help an individual fend off cravings to use again.

Recover Through JourneyPure’s Orlando, FL Group Addiction Therapy Program

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