Experiential Therapy

Over the years, addiction treatment has become more streamlined. Gone are several ineffective treatments and medical approaches, and here to stay are evidence-based types of care. Ranging from individual psychotherapy and family therapy to motivational interviewing and gestalt therapy, there are countless forms of therapy that have proven to help treat the disease of addiction in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way.

One of the more recently used forms of evidence-based therapy that have been recognized by nearly all treatment centers includes experiential therapy. Experiential addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida is not one specific kind of therapy, rather a grouping of different therapies that put clients in more engaging, hands-on activities.

Studies have shown that taking individuals outside of the therapist’s room and into settings where they can actively participate in an experience is extremely beneficial in the treatment of substance use disorders. It is within these settings that clients in experiential addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida can begin to develop healthy coping skills, build trust, address experiences that have historically been challenging to discuss, and much more.

Experiential addiction therapy program strives to provide each client with experiences that they will implement in their everyday lives going forward.

Types of Experiential Addiction Therapy In Orlando, Florida

Experiential addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida offers various different types of experiential therapy that are proven to help individuals truly address the underlying issues related to their substance use disorders and/or co-occurring disorders. Some of the most popular experiential therapies utilized in the treatment of addiction include the following:

  • Psychodrama

It is common for people to act out scenarios in their heads regarding issues that they are experiencing in their lives. Usually, after doing this, they feel a little better about the situation, if not slightly alleviated of some stress. This is exactly what psychodrama does for those in an Orlando, Florida experiential addiction therapy program, however instead of thinking about scenarios, they act them out. Some people might act out a conflict from the past in an attempt to sort it through, while others might act out their life stories in an effort to begin to heal. Additionally, clients can work together to role play, which is also beneficial in one’s overall emotional healing.

  • Music therapy

Music has the power to connect people and heal them. Even when feeling down and out, listening to music can help someone get through those emotions and back to feeling uplifted and comforted. Knowing just how important music can be in one’s life, music therapy was developed to help bring about insight and healing for those recovering from addiction. Experiential addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida encourages clients to write songs, play instruments, and work with others to develop music that reflects their past, present, and future feelings.

  • Equine assisted therapy

Horses have long been known as spiritual creatures, and in some cultures, treated as nothing less than royalty. Part of the very reason why horses are regarded in this manner is that even their presence can be healing. When participating in an experiential therapy like equine therapy, individuals will do ground work exercises independently with the horse, as well as in groups with other clients. For example, the therapist might ask the client to describe his or her challenges with addiction by utilizing materials to set up a course. The horse will then work to maneuver the course. As the individual looks on, he or she can witness how the horse attempts to overcome the challenges in the course and apply those skills to how they handle difficult experiences.

  • Adventure therapy

Adventure therapy has resonated highly with people of all ages, however specifically so with adolescents and young adults. When engaged in adventure therapy, individuals will do things like complete ropes courses, go rock climbing, or even go whitewater rafting. Through these exercises, individuals can learn the importance of good communication, how imperative it is to have trust in others, and how to boost their own self-confidence.

Other forms of experiential therapy include art therapy, meditation, and wilderness therapy.

Benefits of An Orlando, Florida Experiential Addiction Therapy Program

The kinds of benefits that clients will receive by participating in experiential therapy will depend on what therapy he or she receives, as well as how much effort he or she puts into his or her care. In general, there are several different benefits in engaging in this kind of therapy.

For most, experiential therapy can help them start to peel back the onion on their emotional distress as related to their substance use disorder. Utilizing different forms of experiential therapy can allow them to let down their guard and heal without even knowing they are doing so at the moment. Additionally, when participating in experiential therapy with others, an individual can benefit from watching another client go through something that he or she can relate to.

When addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, the fiber of one’s being can be completely stripped away. Our Orlando, Florida experiential addiction therapy program offers individuals opportunities to help restore their self-confidence, self-awareness, motivation, inner strength, and much more.

Get Help Through JournyePure’s Experiential Addiction Therapy In Orlando, Florida

The idea of getting treated for addiction can be completely frightening to someone who is caught in the thick of this disease. He or she might be fearful about how he or she will function without drugs or alcohol, or concerned about his or her wellbeing when detoxing. These thoughts and feelings are completely normal, however, addiction is not a disease that will go away on its own. Instead, it takes professional treatment and a comprehensive care plan to fully treat a substance use disorder.

Do not let anything stand in the way of you getting treatment. By continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol, you are only prolonging the inevitable – either you will obtain treatment or lose your life to this disease. Similar to cancer and diabetes, addiction is a deadly disease when it goes untreated.

Make the decision to get the help you need to finally put your addiction in the past where it belongs. You deserve the professional treatment that will get you on the road to recovery.

Call our experiential addiction therapy in Orlando, Florida today. We can help.