Suboxone Rehab

Today, opioid substances reign as the most abused substances in the United States. Heroin, fentanyl, OxyContin, morphine, and Vicodin are being abused at alarmingly high rates. In fact the current opioid epidemic that the country is facing is more pervasive and deadly than the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Because of the astronomically high instances of opioid addiction in America, countless people have attempted to detox from and/or get professional treatment for these addictive substances. With the leading form of opioid treatment being medication-assisted treatment, the majority of those who are addicted to opioids are receiving prescription medications such as methadone and buprenorphine – both of which contain opioids.

Studies have proven that the use of these medications for the treatment of opioid addiction is extremely successful, and produces more good than harm. However, these medications can still be addictive, especially if they are being abused. While a small percentage of those who receive medication-assisted treatment become addicted to the medication that is being used to help wean them off of opioids, several others abuse is simply to get high.

It takes more Suboxone to get high than other opioids, which means that individuals have to consume a lot of it in order to experience effects. And, the longer that an individual abuses Suboxone for and in large amounts, the more likely he or she is to become addicted to it. If you are ready to break the cycle of addiction today, reach out to our suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida today!

Detox For Suboxone Addiction

Once an addiction to Suboxone has developed and an individual is dependent on it, he or she is going to experience withdrawal symptoms if he or she attempts to end use or minimize how much is being used. This period of time can so be distressing that individuals go right back to abusing Suboxone. However, at a Suboxone detox in Orlando, FL, detox services can help individuals get through this difficult time.

A suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida offers detox services to those who are addicted to opioids like Suboxone. As previously mentioned, medication-assisted treatment is one of the leading forms of addiction treatment when it comes to opioids. Instead of utilizing Suboxone to help an individual taper his or her dosage, he or she will likely be put on methadone, another medication-assisted treatment option. He or she will only be provided methadone by a professional, and he or she will be supervised while on it. However, he or she will be treated no differently than any other individual who is detoxing from opioids just because he or she is addicted to a medication designed to help treat opioid addiction.

Once he or she has safely and comfortably detoxed from Suboxone, an individual can begin the therapeutic process of treatment.

Therapies Offered At An Orlando Florida Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center

An individual’s treatment plan will include a number of different therapies designed to help him or her address and manage the psychological issues and experiences that have shaped who they are today. An Orlando Florida suboxone addiction rehab center will encourage an individual to participate in evidence-based therapies, such as the following:

  • Family therapy

For most individuals in a suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida, family therapy is one of the most effective treatments he or she can participate in. Countless individuals go to an Orlando Florida suboxone addiction rehab center and bring along with them emotional distress and pain that pertains to their current family situation. By bringing the family together, whether in person or through technology (such as FaceTime or conference calls), both the individual and his or her family can begin to openly address the issues that are most upsetting to them and find ways to navigate through them in the effort of rebuilding trust, honesty, and good communication.

  • Group therapy

Similar to family therapy in that it involves others, group therapy sessions at a suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida can be highly beneficial for all involved.

There are several different kinds of group therapies, ranging from gender-specific group therapy to age-based group therapy, however, all are effective in promoting healing and growth. In a group therapy session, a therapist will lead the charge by providing one or more topics of discussion. The group members then get to participate in exercises regarding those topics, as well as join in a discussion about them. This helps individuals work on communication and self-confidence, as well as allows them to learn from one another and their experiences.

An Orlando Florida suboxone addiction rehab center also offers experiential therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, Gestalt therapy, and psychodrama, to name a few.

Aftercare Programs For Suboxone Addiction

Arguably the most important part of addiction treatment is the aftercare portion of it. This is because while in the care of medical and mental health professionals, it can be easy for individuals to feel safe in their recovery. However, upon leaving a suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida, that safety net is removed, leaving individuals to take the lead role in their care.

To help support each individual as he or she transitions back into everyday life, an Orlando Florida suboxone addiction rehab center provides an aftercare plan individuals to ensure that they have the tools and resources needed to continue their recovery.

Some of the recommendations that are commonly made for aftercare plans include participating in support group meetings (such as NA), determining ways to manage triggers, and continuing to obtain therapy. Again, each individual is different, so no one aftercare plan is the same.

Get Professional Help At Our Suboxone Addiction Rehab Center In Orlando Florida

If you are addicted to Suboxone or any other opioid, you do not need to keep going down a path that only leads to a dead end. You have the ability to reach out right this very second and contact a suboxone addiction rehab center in Orlando Florida. Whatever is holding you back from getting the treatment you deserve can be placed on the back burner so that you can get better.

An Orlando Florida suboxone addiction rehab center can help you in ways that allow you to turn your life around. Do not waste any more time on addiction. Contact us today to get started on your own personal road to recovery.

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