Meth Rehab

There are millions of substance users in the United States, the majority of them being opioid abusers. However, one drug that is not as widely discussed as it sits in the shadows of the opioid epidemic is meth.

Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as “meth”, is a synthetic substance that is made up of several different toxic substances. Acetone, lithium, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid are just some of the materials used to make meth, in addition to the pseudoephedrine base it has. Considering that these materials are more commonly used in things such as batteries and nail polish remover, it is no wonder that those who abuse meth suffer extreme physical and psychological consequences – and quickly.

It does not take much for an addiction to meth to form. Once someone becomes addicted to it, he or she will find it nearly impossible to stop using. This is because addiction is a disease of the brain, and when professional treatment is not obtained, it can be futile to try to end meth addiction on one’s own.

Nobody has to stay addicted to meth, which is known on the streets as “trash” or “garbage”. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to a point where they make the conscious decision to obtain treatment, or are made to complete rehab through a court order. However, when individuals addicted to meth reach out for help, their disease can be treated and they can stop using once and for all. With the help from professionals like the ones at our meth rehab center in Orlando, Florida, you can begin your journey to a new life, free from addiction.

Detox For Meth Addiction

Those who are addicted to meth characteristically do not want to experience any withdrawal symptoms because of how mentally and physically debilitating they can be. Therefore, it is common for someone who is abusing meth to stop using but go right back to using once the withdrawal symptoms become too much to bear. This is the primary reason why detoxification at our meth addiction rehab center in Orlando can be beneficial for those wanting to get sober from meth.

When in the care of medical and mental health professionals, individuals can begin their detox process with minimal risk. Withdrawing from meth can cause extreme exhaustion, fatigue, and lethargy, as well as jitters. The psychological response to detox is often more troubling, as it includes paranoia, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. However, with the help of trained professionals, individuals can be provided with medications and psychological support to help get them through this challenging time.

When detox is completed, an individual can expect to feel less “foggy” mentally, as well as better in regards to his or her physical health. At this time, transitioning into the therapeutic portion of a meth rehab is best.

Therapies Offered At A Meth Addiction Rehab Center

Restoring good mental health after being addicted to meth can be challenging because the brain becomes completely rewired because of how much meth it has been exposed to. Therefore, therapy is not only necessary but also life-saving for those who want to prevent the effects of a meth addiction (such as depression) from costing them their lives.

  • Individual therapy

Individual therapy can serve as the foundation for meth addiction treatment. Conducted by a therapist in a private setting, an individual can lay it all on the table so to speak. He or she can be free to discuss all the factors that contributed to his or her addiction, as well as those that developed in response to it. The therapist will continually work with the individual to not only share his or her thoughts and experiences but also work on them in ways that improve how he or she functions and manages his or her life. This intimate form of therapy can be the starting line for one’s recovery.

  • Experiential therapy

Experiential therapy is a form of care that takes individuals outside of the therapist’s room. This type of therapy can include equine therapy, art therapy, and yoga. Through these activities, clients can process their addictions in ways that promote mindfulness, improved communication, emotional growth, and healthy expression. For example, participating in yoga while at an Orlando meth rehab center can help an individual develop strong mindfulness skills while engaging in art therapy can show individuals that there are healthy outlets for expression that do not include substance abuse.

Other beneficial therapies that can be provided to recovering meth users at a meth rehab in Orlando, FL include family therapy, behavioral therapies, group therapy, and motivational interviewing.

Aftercare Programs For Meth Addiction

Recovering from meth addiction is no small feat. And while several people leave their treatment programs will little to no plan on how to proceed, those attending a meth addiction rehab center will.

Prior to an individual leaving the program, they will have a solid aftercare plan in tow that will serve as their guideline to stay the course. This plan can include an example of a healthy daily schedule, how many 12 Step meetings to go to a week, what people, places, or things he or she should avoid, etc.

With an aftercare plan, those who leave an Orlando, Florida meth rehab center can leave with the confidence in themselves to continue to stay sober and enhance their recovery.

Get The Help You Deserve At Our Florida Meth Rehab

There is no shame in being addicted to meth, especially if you are prepared to reach out for help. The disease of addiction is extremely powerful, and without the right supports and skills, it can be impossible to break its deadly cycle. Thankfully, an Orlando, Florida meth rehab center can help.

If you are ready to get help for your meth addiction, do not waste one more day. Drop whatever you are doing and find the help that you need to reclaim your life. You no longer have to be controlled by your addiction, but instead, control it yourself.

We can help you achieve your recovery goals. Our teams of professionals work hard to ensure that you are given the absolute best chance at recovery.

Do not wait. Your life depends on you getting help. Call our center today and get started on the road to recovery.