Suboxone Detox

Since 2003, Suboxone has been approved for use in medication-assisted treatment programs. This medication, which is the brand name for the combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, is widely regarded as one of the most effective prescription drugs capable of treating opioid use disorder.

While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Orlando campus, Journey Pure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

It might seem counterintuitive for someone who is addicted to opioids to receive drug treatment that includes opioid-based medications. However, when Suboxone is taken as directed by a physician, it can produce significant benefits, such as a decrease in both cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Anytime that someone with the disease of addiction is introduced to a medication that has even the slightest bit of abuse potential, there is the possibility that he or she could become addicted to it. Unfortunately, many people who utilize Suboxone while in a medication-assisted treatment program continue to use it after their initial treatment has wrapped and they no longer need it for medical purposes. Others might use Suboxone simply because it is addictive and produces desirable effects when consumed in large doses. For example, someone who is under the influence of Suboxone is going to experience a high that produces a strong sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and decreased anxiety. However, just because Suboxone is a prescription medication used to treat opioid use disorder that does not mean that it cannot be dangerous when abused. If you or someone you know are struggling with Suboxone addiction contact our suboxone detox center in Orlando Florida today and learn how we can help you begin your journey to a new life free from addiction.

Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone is addicted to Suboxone and stops his or her use or decreases how much he or she is consuming, withdrawal symptoms will develop. This is because the body is dependent on Suboxone, and when this prescription drug is then withheld, the body goes into a frenzy as it works to function without it.

Since Suboxone is opioid-based, many of the withdrawal symptoms that one can experience are similar to those that someone who is addicted to a prescription painkiller or heroin will experience. These symptoms can include the following:

  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleep problems

One of the most common Suboxone withdrawal symptoms is muscle pain, which can occur throughout the entire body and include cramping. As these muscle pains continue, those who are withdrawing from Suboxone might go back to using in order to make the pains stop. Doing so, however, is very dangerous and can make other attempts at getting sober less successful. For these reasons it is critical you reach out to our Orlando Florida suboxone detox center where you can receive the professional help needed.

Suboxone Withdrawal Timeline

Suboxone is a long-acting medication, which means that it can take some time for withdrawal symptoms to develop. In the same breath, it can also take longer for symptoms to taper off, meaning that this type of withdrawal can continue for longer than most other opioid-based withdrawals.

Between days 1-3 after someone’s last use of Suboxone, he or she is going to see withdrawal symptoms develop. Some of these symptoms can include nausea and diarrhea. By days 4-7, many psychological symptoms start to occur, too, which can add issues such as insomnia and anxiety to the mix. After a full week has gone by, several symptoms become less intense, making it a little easier to manage this process. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to begin experiencing depression, which can continue for months to years, depending on the professional attention that is received.

It is imperative that every individual works to prevent relapse while experiencing withdrawal symptoms because this is when he or she is most vulnerable to begin using again. Having relapse prevention skills in place as soon as possible can help lock in greater chances of success because once withdrawal symptoms cease, individuals, can develop a false sense of stability, which can lead to relapse – and fast. With the help from our suboxone detox center in Orlando Florida, the withdrawal symptoms from Suboxone can be properly and effectively treated.

Benefits Of Our Suboxone Detox Center In Orlando Florida

Because the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with Suboxone addiction can be so distressing, it is recommended to obtain professional help at this time. At an Orlando Florida suboxone detox center, individuals can go through this process in an easier, more comfortable manner.

For starters, being treated for a Suboxone addiction is no different than being treated for an addiction to heroin or Percocet. However, providers will be more cognizant of the medication-assisted treatment they provide for those who are ending their Suboxone addiction. The way in which this is done is by utilizing another medication used in this type of treatment, such as methadone or naltrexone. Studies have shown that those who were addicted to Suboxone and who were prescribed methadone in medication-assisted treatment were just as successful as other patients, and vice versa. And, as always, physicians will be closely monitoring his or her intake of methadone and develop a plan to ensure that he or she is either off of it prior to leaving a suboxone detox center in Orlando Florida, or has a plan for being administered his or her dose on a regular basis.

An Orlando Florida suboxone detox center will not only focus on providing patients with medications but also focus on helping them through this difficult time. Teams of medical and mental health professionals work around-the-clock at a suboxone detox center in Orlando Florida to ensure that each patient is detoxing in a healthy manner. Medical personnel can check vitals and help with the physical aspects of detox, while mental health personnel can help patients get through the challenging psychological aspects they might experience.

Choosing to detox at an Orlando Florida suboxone detox center is a great option for those who are ready to stop their Suboxone addiction, as they can begin to thrive in a safe environment where they are not tempted to use again and have the support of others to stay on the right track.

Get Professional Help At JourneyPure’s Orlando Florida Suboxone Detox Center

If you are addicted to Suboxone, there is no better time than now to get the help that you need. There is no shame in having the disease of addiction, and choosing to do something about it is courageous.

Our suboxone detox center in Orlando Florida can provide individuals with the services and support needed in order to get through the detox process and into a comprehensive treatment program.

Do not wait any longer. Call our Orlando Florida suboxone detox center and get the help you deserve.

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