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The disease of addiction is not something that is easily cured, especially if the user has been using for a long period of time and/or has mental health conditions occurring simultaneously. While many might think that the best way to put a stop to an addiction to drugs like cocaine and heroin is to simply just stop using them altogether, this could not be further from the truth. When someone is addicted to a powerful substance like Ativan, alcohol, or fentanyl (to name a few), he or she can put themselves in physical and psychological danger if they stop using at the drop of a hat. Specifically, those who are addicted to alcohol and benzodiazepines like Valium and Klonopin can die as a result of the sudden cessation of use. The reason this occurs is that as an individual continues to abuse an addictive substance, he or she becomes tolerant to it, meaning that he or she needs to keep consuming more of the substance in order to experience the desired effects. Unfortunately, as an individual keeps increasing his or her dose, his or her body becomes dependent on the addictive substance. And, once the body is dependent on an addictive substance, it will react negatively when it is not present in the body. As a result, several people who attempt to end their addictions do so by attending a Detox Center In Orlando Florida, as doing so can help them make it through the trials and tribulations of withdrawal. While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Orlando campus, Journey Pure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

Meth Detox

Meth, also known as crank, trash, and Tina, is an illicit stimulant drug that is manmade and highly dangerous when abused. It is a drug comprised of a pseudoephedrine base with other chemicals such as acetone, lithium, phosphorous, and sulfuric acid mixed in with it. These substances can be found in pharmacies and hardware stores and are typically accessible to the public, which is why it is easily cooked up and sold.

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Opiate Detox

Opiates, such as heroin, codeine, and morphine, are extremely addictive and highly dangerous. While some opioids have a place in medicine, such as morphine, many others are simply used for recreational and illicit purposes. And, when any opiate is being abused, the chances of becoming addicted to it are incredibly high.

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Heroin Detox

The disease of addiction is extremely complex, as it affects all areas of a person’s life. And, it is not easy to put a stop to addiction, as it can often take several attempts at doing so.

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Opioid Detox

Opioids such as heroin and prescription painkillers are in incredibly high demand right now. In fact, opioids are so widely abused throughout the United States that both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the White House have declared an opioid epidemic and crisis within the nation.

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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine made a splash in the late 1970’s and 1980’s when it became a part of every city’s nightlife. Since then, it has remained the kingpin of illicit drugs, as it is constantly trafficked throughout the United States and other countries and sold to people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.

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Crack Detox

There are several misconceptions about crack. For example, some people do not know the difference between crack and cocaine.

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What is Detox?

Detox is the process of ridding the body of any and all addictive substances like drugs and/or alcohol. While some people attempt detox at home by ending their consumption of the substance and riding out withdrawal symptoms (which, as previously stated, can be very dangerous), many others reach out for professional help at this time. Anytime an individual utilizes a Detox Center In Orlando Florida for his or her detox needs, it means that one less person is trying to get sober without risking his or her physical or psychological well being by attempting to do it on his or her own.

Is Detox Enough?

It is imperative to understand that detox is not a fix-all. Instead, it is viewed as the first step of a more comprehensive addiction treatment plan. The disease of addiction has proven to respond well to a complete approach to one’s care, meaning that his or her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being needs to be tended to in order to provoke lasting change. Simply going through the process of detox does not provide any of this attention to an individual.

Benefits Of Our Detox Center In Orlando Florida

That does not mean that detox is not extremely beneficial. When someone attends a Detox Center In Orlando Florida, he or she is doing the work needed to clear his or her body and mind in ways that allow them to be receptive to further treatment. There is no possible way that someone who is still under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol can complete an addiction treatment program, as they are not of clear enough mind to process and apply anything that he or she learns.

Detox has helped millions of people get clean and move on to additional treatment recovery, and Detox Center In Orlando Florida continues to help those who are ready to stop their use and get sober for good.

Detox Services Provided

A Detox Center In Orlando Florida will provide each and every client with exceptional care and treatment for the duration of their stay. Unlike other detox centers where clients are given a bed and a room to independently detox in, a Detox Center In Orlando Florida offers several different services so that those who are detoxing are made as comfortable as possible.

Medication-assisted treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is, by far, the most common type of care that those who are detoxing from opioids and other substances will receive. A Detox Center In Orlando Florida will establish if a client requires medication to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and if so, provide him or her with FDA approved medications.

Both methadone and buprenorphine are two opioid-based medications that can be safely administered to clients so that the intensity of their withdrawal symptoms is lessened and their cravings are minimized. When taken as prescribed, individuals can detox much more comfortably, which encourages continual follow-through of recovery goals rather than the temptation to go back and use.

Psychiatric care

A Detox Center In Orlando Florida is multi-faceted in that it not only offers medication-assisted treatment to those who need it, but it also offers psychiatric support during this time.

Everyone who is detoxing from an addictive substance will experience some kind of psychological side effect. While some will have minor agitation, others might suffer from more intense effects. This is why there is a psychiatric staff on hand to help support those who are grappling with the mental effects of detox. These professionals can help assist in providing clients with some helpful coping skills, as well as offering recommendations for medications that might be effective in treating these symptoms.

Physical care

By the time an individual gets into a Detox Center In Orlando Florida, his or her body has likely already suffered a number of consequences. Now that he or she is working to get sober, there are many other physical effects that they might face. While usually temporary, the physical side effects that individuals can experience when stopping their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can be extremely painful. Thankfully, medical professionals are always on the clock and able to help should a client run into a medical complication. Also, this medical team can keep track of one’s vitals to ensure that he or she is remaining as healthy as possible at this time.

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Who Can Benefit From Detox?

Countless people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol take it upon themselves to detox independently, while others choose to do so through a professional program like a Detox Center In Orlando Florida. While some cases do not require a stint in detox, many do.

A Detox Center In Orlando Florida is usually very beneficial for those who are addicted to benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium) and who are addicted to alcohol. This is because, as previously stated, detoxing from these kinds of medications can produce severe withdrawal symptoms that can be deadly. So, going to a Detox Center In Orlando Florida can provide those withdrawing from these substances the opportunity to be in the care of professionals who can ensure their health.

What About Those Who Have Gone Through Detox Before?

Those who have struggled in the past to detox on their own can also benefit from a Detox Center In Orlando Florida. When detoxing is not working independently, an individual can go back and forth from abstaining from addictive substances to using them once more, which can be harmful in itself, as it can lead to overdose. Detoxing in a Detox Center In Orlando Florida can help these individuals stay on track and complete a full round of detox without going back to using again.

Anyone who is addicted to an opioid and experiences withdrawal symptoms when stopping is a good candidate for Detox Center In Orlando Florida, as effective medications can be provided to keep the individual comfortable and stable until the opioids have cleared his or her system.

Get Help At JourneyPure's Detox Center In Orlando Florida

If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you do not have to go through the pain of withdrawal on your own. Call a Detox Center In Orlando Florida right now to get the support you need to finally get sober and begin building a happy, healthy life.